A New Year, A New Journey!


So its been almost a year since I’ve actually posted anything on here. I must say…much has changed! Oh so much, but oh for the better! Let’s see so the significant other and I now reside in a bigger place now. Yes we have made it to year 3! I guess you can say we are getting kinda serious. Anyhow, we have a new kitty cat named Princess Peach, to accompany & chase Bowser all through the house, causing even more mischief than before. I started a new job working for a business related to recycling and salvage buys. As for my plants that I started back in Winter of 2014, all but 4 plants actually have lived to tell their story. Sadly my thumb wasn’t so green after all! Mostly purple but I will hopefully learn with practice. I have been getting into a mode of living healthier and eating healthier. I stopped smoking and drinking due to my asthma coming back so that has definitely played a major role in changing my life around for the better. I’m making sure I limit how much processed foods & chemicals I am exposing and allowing to enter my body through things like inorganic foods, cosmetics, & unfiltered refined products. It’s crazy how much pesticides, man-made chemicals, and toxic forms I have allowed myself to be exposed to throughout my entire life! It’s all I’ve know and I’m sure all anyone whose grown up in the last 30 years has know too. I’m slowly but surely finding & studying ways to become more efficient in making these products at home such as deodorant, soaps, lotions, toothpaste, and even makeup! Yes, even makeup! It’s amazing how simple everything is to make from basic items you probably have in your pantry right this minute! And if not, they are definitely available at your local food store or farmers market. I will be sharing links and recipes of nifty and natural ways to make these necessities! It’s important to me that people understand what is going into these products that we buy on store shelfs every month, not knowing the long term effects exposures to such harsh, toxic chemicals. We shouldn’t have engine de-greaser in our shampoo’s or high amounts of cancer causing fluoride in our toothpaste. These big corporations have been poisoning us for years and people are just now waking up. It’s up to us to take control of the situation & start a wave that changes the future. For ourselves and for our loved ones. We choose this path to grow, harness, and create pure forms of basic essential products & plants that are so much cheaper, healthier, and overall resonate long lasting positive effects on this Earth. More to come, Promise!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Peace & ❤


Week 2: Progress and Growth


This week has been a big surprise! I saw that my plants were definitely growing out of their soil patties. I bought some bigger plastic pots & rows and transplanted them for better growth. They seemed to take hold of the new soil and pots very well.  All my green bean plants have shot up about 4-6 inches! Take a look!

Week 1-2

Yellow Bush Cherokee Wax Beans & Green Beans Blue Lake 274:

week 2

Squash Dark Green Zucchini:

week 2 b

Spinach Blossom Dale & Onion White Libson Bunching:

week 2 c

Herbs: Cilantro, Thyme, & Basil

week 2 a

So with more room to stretch their legs my plants will be thriving and growing in a much roomier home. I had to bring them into the kitchen and away from the windows for the second half of the day today. We are actually expecting freezing rain, sleet and some snow flurries as the temperature drops into the upper 20’s into tonight and tomorrow morning. This arctic blast is the second of the two and I hope to see it pass a.s.a.p! As soon as the sun comes back out, I plan on putting them back out on my nifty windowsill. I’m so excited on how well they are doing! Cant wait to see them in week three! I’m hoping and praying they all make it ❤ See you all soon!

Veggie Inspired Garden


Being cooped up in this tiny apartment after the New Year inspired me to do something out of the ordinary. I looked online for some fun events going on this weekend and found an article about a farm. Just outside of Houston you can pick fresh strawberries at the local Blessington Farms! Coming from a small town in South Texas where there is no such thing as a strawberry farm, I immediately wanted to surprise my love, Jon, by spending a morning out in the strawberry patch picking to our hearts content. Unluckily, that morning right before setting out on our adventure, I learned that the freeze from the recent weeks had frozen many of the flowers and strawberries causing the farm to close until further notice. With our morning plans out the window, Jon as always came to the rescue! He suggested that we grow our own strawberry plants! Lol. So after about an hour of research on how to grow a strawberry plant, we came to the conclusion that we would wait on the strawberries and just grow our own veggies! It was definitely something that I have always wanted to do but never really had the time or (in this case) perfect situation to do so.

With a Jiffy Starter Kit and some seeds from the local dollar store I started our Veggie Garden. First I added water to the dried out soil patties. Once they were soaked, they sprang up into a 1-2 inch patty. Using the back of a pencil, I pierced a whole through each one about 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep. Each patty received about 2-5 seeds depending on how big the seeds were. After sowing the seeds, I lightly covered them up with some surrounding soil and put in a dark warm corner for germination. To my amazement within a couple of day the seeds began to sprout! I moved them to a sunnier location and here are a couple of pictures of the seedlings within the first 7 days. 🙂

Week 0-1



Nifty Hippy <3

Nifty Hippy <3

So I’m venturing into the blogging world today! Not sure what I’m doing at all. Hopefully this adventure will turn out quite productive. Maybe even shed some light on my ideas about music, art, nature, cooking, travels, culture and other neat topics. Some current projects I am working on will definitely be up soon. peace&love<3